Brutalist Ventures is a venture investment syndicate backing product-driven founders that prioritize function over form.

Hosted on AngelList, BV has over 300 Limited Partners and invested more than $500k into early-stage startups.

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Yash Godiwala / Brutalist Ventures

The summer before I jetted off to college, I found myself fascinated by early-stage venture. It seemed to hit all the notes of what I wanted: talking to ambitious folks passionate about solving a problem, and being able to back all types of founders to inch towards a better world.

When I arrived at college, I filled my nights with building my network in venture. I must’ve sent dozens of cold emails and LinkedIn messages, doing anything to brand myself as ‘the startup guy’. After dropping out of college and working at an early stage startup — backed by the very investors I had cold emailed months ago — I pushed deeper. I got onto tech Twitter, introduced my founder friends to anyone that could write a check, and continued sending cold Twitter messages. Before I knew it, I had founders asking me if I’d like to invest. I did, with the little money I had from my startup job salary, until I had no capital left, and still founders I wanted to support.

A fund was out of the picture (regardless of how hot the market was), so a syndicate seemed like the best way to achieve my goals. 

In September 2021, we launched our first deal, barely scraping together $90,000. A year later, BV has invested in four deals, partnered with the top syndicates in America, and coinvested with the funds that backed Apple, Airbnb, Instagram, and more.