Location: San Jose, California ︎ Brooklyn, New York

Interests (recent): the outdoors, cooking, video games, dogs, visual media, homesteading, woodworking, cognitive science, cricket, bouldering

Favorite books (recent): When Breath Becomes Air, Norwegian Wood, Kokoro

Hey - I’m Yash Godiwala. Based in Brooklyn, I currently work at a financial technology startup, focused on driving top-line contribution profit.

I was born and raised in the Bay Area to first-generation immigrants — my mom, a dentist who started her own practice less than 10 years after moving to the country, and my dad, the first in his family to move to the States and become a tech exec during the rise of Silicon Valley.

Despite struggling through classes at school, I fell in love with the relationships that could be made through the internet. In middle school, I taught myself Photoshop and freelanced for eSports organizations looking for a brand identity. In high school, friends and I worked on clothing brands. And as I prepared to receive my diploma, I shot a cold email to some Berkeley students working on an alternative asset investment platform, convincing them to let me lead marketing efforts.

Three months into college in upstate New York, I dropped out, eager to join the booming startup scene in San Francisco, eventually finding my way to where I am now.

Outside of work, I spend time training for my first marathon (date/city TBD), playing cricket, bouldering, enjoying new coffee shops, designing products and random things for friends, and writing about my reflections on my experiences and observations (and publishing them, on occasion).

I believe in the American dream — the notion that those who come from less stable environments can come to this country to work hard and build a future for their children. I strive to build technology that empowers those in pursuit of this dream, through direct or indirect means — software that builds for the boldest in our country.

I also believe in new relationships. Many of my best friends, I’ve met through happenstance. If you think we’d get along, shoot me a message. I’d love to hear from you.